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Read Best Selling Books In 2 Minutes

Save your time with actionable ideas to focus on learning while doing.


Actionable ideas. Direct to the point.

Bullet points. Quick actions. Fastest way to build knowledge.

Maximize Your Time

Read 30 – 90 second list of actionable ideas while you wait for coffee, subway or friends.

Optimized For Your Memory

Smart Notification System helps you remember actionable ideas so there is no need to pause your life and search for information.

Be Smarter Faster

Rank and review ideas you’ve taken action on instead of going down the rabbit hole of gathering information on the Internet.

Users Love Mindmory

You should like Mindmory for its sheer simplicity. This new app is designed to be a mind dump of all the good life tips you read about.

This application is simple enough to pick up and use quickly, and the design is really well done. Very impressive, and a great way to organize all the lists that I  used to generate on a daily basis.


Never stop improving this app. It has changed my life.


What would you do with 7 extra hours a week?

Free yourself from endless consumption of information

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